ANNUAL REPORT 2022 – 2023

GoodEvening to one & all 

Esteemed guests of the day, Mar Jacob Thoomkuzhy Archbishop Emeritus of Thrissur, Sri Simon Nambadan Trikkur Grama Panchayat President, Rev. Fr. Varghese Kuthur the school Manager, Rev. Fr. Varghese Tharakan Chairman of the Trust, Fr. Godwin Edakkalathur Executive Director, Rev. Sr. Alphonse Maria Academic Director, Sri Majo Anto PTA President, Smt Simi Shaju MPTA Representative, PTA executive members, trustee members, parents, Rev.  Fr’s & Sr’s, wellwishers, my colleagues and beloved students.

A warm welcome aboard to everyone arrived here today. 

As we approach to the end of this academic year, we take this opportunity to thank the almighty lord for his abundant blessing upon this temple of learning. 

Let me give you a bird’s eye view of major happenings that defined the academic year 2022 -23 for St. Raphael’s Public school, Kallur. 

We have always been committed to create an environment in the school which helps the young mind to blossom and provide a platform for individual thinking and holistic development of the child’s personality. 


The formal installation of the academic year was held to celebrate the spirit of home coming. With high expectations and academic dreams, Raphaelites began their journey through the year 2022-23 on 1st June 2022. The Principal along with the staff warmly welcomed the students back to a new academic year. The school blessing ceremony was held on 5th July 2022 by Rev.Fr. Varghese Tharakan the manager of the school assisted by Fr. Godwin Edakkalathur executive director, and offered the entire St.Raphael School to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


Achieving academic excellence is at the heart of endeavour of all educators and academic institutions. 

We are proud to acknowledge that our first batch of class X came up in flying colours in the CBSE class X AISSE Examination 2021 – 2022.We achieved 100% results. Kumari Naomi Rosanto topped the school with 3 distinctions & 2 first class.

Merit day - On  11th August 2022 Raphaelite family honoured the Laurel winners of class X for their remarkable achievement.

Consistent and continuous attempt to provide robust education find expression in unique assessment formats designed in accordance with CBSE instructions.

School Parliament Election and Investiture Ceremony

The year’s in-house activities commenced with the election to the school cabinet. The school election was held on 8thJuly 2022 wherein the students of class 5 to 10 casted their votes through secret ballot system. The Investiture Ceremony for the academic session 2022-2023 was held with great pomp and dignity in a special ceremony at the school. Fr. Godwin Edakkalathur executive Director vested powers to the newly elected office bearers. Kumari Divya Angel David the School leader along with House Captains and parliament leaders were honoured with badges and sashes by the Principal & the executive director. 

Arts fest

In order to tap the hidden talents of our students and to showcase their talents, our school provides various opportunities every year. This year the school level arts fest, Rapha Fest 2022 was conducted on 14th & 15 September 2022 was officially inaugurated by Fr.Godwin Edakkalathur executive Director. 

Annual sports day

Annual sports meet held on 18th November 2022 was declared open by Smt Neethu Vinod former Indian hockey player. House wise Competitions on track & field & football match was held.

Teacher Empowerment Programmes and Training

Staying updated is the key to success in the field of education. Our teachers constantly strive to stay updated, by attending workshops and various training programmes. In House training programme for Teachers were held before the commencement of the academic year. The teachers are taking keen interest in attending the Capacity Building Programme conducted by CBSE on various topics.  All the teachers attended the mandatory training session as per the affiliation bye laws of CBSE.

Orientation for students

An orientation class on the Ill - effects of Drugs was led by Mr. Rajendran Civil Excise officer.

Dr.Bindu led an orientation class on Lifestyle diseases. 

Our Celebrations

We at St. Raphael’s Public school, celebrate all the festivals. Along with that we celebrated the National festival that stands apart, as their celebration brings an unparalleled enthusiasm and excitement in students and teachers. Onam, Christmas and other important festivals were celebrated with great zest and veneration. 

Day observations

Days with significance are always celebrated to help the students understand its relevance. A list of days observed at our school includes World Bicycle day , World Environment Day, World Food safety day , World Blood Donor’s day, Reading day,  Father’s day, International yoga day ,Anti - drugs day, National doctor’s day, World Population Day, Malala day ,Hiroshima day ,Quit India day, Nagasaki day,Teachers Day, Children’s Day, Constitution day, Gandhi Jayanthi, Kerala Piravi, Human rights day, AIDS day and many more.

KG section had it’s fun filled celebration like Fresher’s day, Father’s day, World chocolate day, National water melon day, Collect rocks day, World smile day & Talents day.

World Bicycle day – In connection to World Bicycle day a Cycle rally by our students to Mavinchodu centre with placards on advantages of cycling & to minimize the use of motor vehicles was held.
Independence day celebration – Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav was celebrated with the patriotic spirit by hoisting National flag by Fr Varghese Tharakan. Flash mob highlighting patriotism by the students at the church ground gave a feeling of oneness as Indians.

Onam cum Teachers day celebration – The ethnic festival of Kerala celebrated on 2nd September 2022 was inaugurated by Sri Charly Kallur mimicry artist . Highlight of the day was Nadanpattu performance by a folk team. Thiruvathirakali, theme dance & vanchipattu, also added flavour to the celebration. 

Children’s day – was celebrated on 14th November in all its radiance, drive and loveliness. The Teachers regaled the students with their scintillating performance.

 Founder’s day – We had special prayers in remembrance of our founder Msgr Thomas Thalachira. Students offered flowers at his statue and took blessings.


The clubs – Booklastic – literature, Ecopyrates – Eco club, Sargodhayam – arts club, was inaugurated by the Principal. 

Deepika colour India painting competition was held in which KG - Thanisq M A – UKG LP – Agnel N J ( IV)UP – Anna Mariya  A S (VII) HS – Durga K R (IX) were the  winners.

Childline & UNICEF jointly organized a programme at our school to promote sports in which they gifted a sports kit to us.

Class wise Manuscript magazine competition was held for classes 5 to 10 to develop creative skills among students.

A Multidisciplinary exhibition was held for classes 1 to 8.

An interdisciplinary Quiz competition was organized for classes 5 to 9. 

Pleasure trips

Picnics are a thrill for all at any stage and enjoying events for everybody. Our school organized trips for classes KG to 10 to help students gain firsthand knowledge and augment their academic learning transacted beyond the confines of a class room, in joyful company of peer & friends. 


The school gives a lot of importance in maintaining cordial relationship with parents. PTA General body meeting was held on 2nd July. Mr.Majo Anto was elected as the PTA President & Smt Sini Shaju as the MPTA Representative. 

Open House meeting was conducted after the Terminal examination. Parents had come to school to meet the teachers and they were given ample time to talk to the class teacher and subject teachers. The meeting helped to create better understanding between parents and teachers and build harmonious relationship between the school and the community.

An orientation for the parents on Parenting was led by Sri Sigi Antony a well known Psycho Therapist & Research scholar. The event witnessed around 50% attendance thus displaying enthusiastic interest among parents for the smooth working and progress of the school. Parents were encouraged to appreciate student’s participation in all academic activities. 

New Developments:

The development activities of the school includes installation of Extra marks app for better learning, smart TV for KG section, LCD projector & Renovation of stage.


I bow down in humble acknowledgement of the bountiful blessings showered upon us by the benevolence of the Lord Almighty. We raise our heart in praise for a fruitful year.

The good work of a school is the result of hard work of students, parents, teachers and timely support from several quarters on behalf of the school. We are grateful to our Manager Rev. Fr. Varghese Kuthur & all the Managing Trustees of SRPS for their continuous support and encouragement. I hereby express our sincere thanks and heartfelt gratitude to Rev.Fr. Varghese Tharakan the illustrious Chairman of the schoolWe are deeply indebted to Rev. Sr. Alphonse Maria our academic director for timely guidance and mentoring. 

Special thanks are due to all the parents as well especially Sri Majo Anto and the PTA executive team. Their constructive criticism and valuable feedback have always been helpful in so many different ways.

I cannot end without adding a note of thanks to all my beloved colleagues who have burnt the candle at both the ends and brought this fabulous event together for us all. Huge thanks to the nonteaching staff who have been running around to get the little and huge things moving.

Sincere thanks to all the well wishers, benefactors and all who have lend a supportive hand to this humble temple of learning.

Last but not the least, the promises of future my loving students deserve a special mention for their consistent diligence, sincerity & devotion with which they continue to persevere zealously in achieving excellence in all aspect of learning at school.

On behalf of teachers and other staff, I now take this opportunity to commit ourselves to do our best at all times to honorably serve the institution and every stake holder.     

Let me conclude this report.

We affirm our faith in our divine patron St. Raphael & our founder Msgr Thomas Thalachira to be able to live up to his vision.

“May the blessings of this day radiate through your smile, be helpful through your hands, and shine throughout your heart.”

All glory to God. Thank you.