Our Emblem:


The emblem of our school reveals its motto, vision and mission. It displays the address of the school on the emblem. The eye on the top represents God, the Heavenly Father. The light rays which radiates from the eye shows the wisdom. The cross in the opened Holy Bible exhibits Jesus Christ, the Supreme Teacher. The Dove denotes the Holy Spirit which is enshrined in Father and Son. The opened Holy Bible at the centre of the emblem reflects Living word. The flying wings at both sides of the Bible display the Heavenly patron, St. Raphael. It denotes that the Holy Angel will guide each and every student in the path of virtue under thy wings. The two lighted candles stand for the learners and the preachers- the ones who gain knowledge and the one who donates and spreads it among the others. The heads of wheat symbolize the holistic growth of the students and progressiveness of the school.